Hugotero Chronicles: How to Move On

“I remember I loved you but I don’t feel it anymore.”

-Silas (Nicholas Hoult) in the 2015 movie Equals

There’s only one way to head to after a breakup or unrequited love – forward. However, moving on is often easier said than done. You still hold on to memories, especially if the person deserves your true love. You also vividly remember his or her face, manner of dressing, talents, the things he or she dislikes, and other peculiarities. Your mind may also fantasize spending time with that person on a daily basis. Even when traveling, you utter indirect reference about the failed attempts to be in a relationship. This is known in the Philippines as a hugot.

Make the most out of your life and believe in a brighter future through these tips for moving on.

Accept What Has Happened

Stepping into the next chapter of life can be impossible without acceptance. Just face the fact that you can’t be with the person you love. Perhaps he or she can’t feel the same way. The reality may be frustrating, even painful, but facing it is better than living fruitlessly in a make-believe world. The situation is out of our control anymore.

Don’t Blame Yourself

You might wonder what did you do wrong, resulting in a relationship breaking down or being not achieved in the first place. Even your own looks, habits, or hobbies could take the blame. Don’t do it. If the other person doesn’t love you for who you are, it’s not a relationship worth seeking. Furthermore, what has already happened cannot be undone. You can forgive the other person and, more importantly, yourself. Then find some peace. Boost your self-esteem too by enhancing your skills and talents.

Be Preoccupied With Your Hobbies and Interests

Get that unrequited love out of your mind by replacing it with a focus on activities you enjoy. Have some time to unwind by watching movies or doing sports. Explore your potential for creativity by sketching, writing poetry, or even video editing. Try activities that you find interesting and have not done before. Do the things that keep you going. For instance, I feel a sense of accomplishment when writing posts for this blog. Travel has become my passion too. It gives me happiness from going to new places and learning more from individuals I come across in journeys.

Go Out There and Meet More People

While making the most out of life through hobbies and interests, the next step for moving on is to share them with others. Increase your presence in the public by attending workshops, community events, conventions, and outdoor excursions. Even a task a simple as buying groceries or applying for documents would do. You’ll meet and befriend a variety of people along the way. Perhaps you may even find your potential significant other among them.


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