The Relentless Wanderer Marks its First Year

DSCN0196It has been exactly one year since this blog came into existence. The first story, or should I say formal entry, recounted my climb at Mt Daraitan. It was appropriately entitled Trial By Slope and Mud. No matter the difficulties, it paved the way for more treks at peaks throughout Luzon Island in the Philippines. This blog featured not only mountain climbing but also travel in general. One of the best moments was a day tour of Baguio that spanned twelve hours of nothing but pure bliss.

My travels had its share of ups and downs. Frustrations, or should I say challenges, were constant in the world we live in. Not everything would go according to plan. The weather could turn from moderately cloudy to a downpour, ruining not only the view but also the enthusiasm. I left important stuff behind, making me under-equipped. I had skin rashes from an allergic reaction more than once. The antihistamine tablet brought relief but the side effects made me intoxicated and out of mood. Yet sometimes it was the seemingly bad moments that cast memories magically when traveling.

More importantly, it was the people who also made trips enjoyable. Visiting a scenic location did not feel complete without someone o share the experience with, talk with, or have lunch with. I have met many people along the way. Some left my circle of friends and acquaintances while some stayed. To those who did stay, I wish more travels and merry times with them in the future. Hopefully, this blog would be continuously filled with not only stories but also insights and information.


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